Vince and Elliot McNally travel to Rand's 19th all-time favorite town, Clybourn, CT. Clybourn is home to sports played the old fashioned way, from leather heads to woody skis and everything in between. Rand played quarterback for a season with the Clybourn Kodiaks. Talking with Vince and Elliot are town game masters Chumly Julius (Alex Collyard) and Clamda Shaw (Alexa Palmero).



Alex Collyard is a comedian from Minneapolis currently based out of Chicago. Alex is currently an ensemble member at pH Theater in Chicago and can be heard as the voice of Dare-Ill on the Dungeons & Dragons podcast The Dungeon Rats. He has been studying and performing comedy for 4 years, specializing in improv, solo character work, and solo crying in his bed work.



Alexa Palmero is from Miami, FL, like Pitbull. She likes glitter, books, pop music, excessive affection, and cornering you into conversations about how time isn’t real. She performs improv, sketch, and solo sketch anywhere and everywhere, but mostly in Chicago, IL. Her solo show "The Alexa Palmero Show" completed its run at The Crowd Theatre in January 2018.