Rand's 17th all-time favorite town will put a spring in your step and a song in your heart. Fairfax, GA is home to the most barbershop quartets, but only one barbershop. Rand belonged to a group here called The Note-able Gentlemen that's still going strong today. With Elliot out this week, Vince is joined by their uncle Chet Romney (Scott Engdahl) to talk to Fairfax resident—and current member of Rand's quartet institution—Tom Waits (Elliot Matson).

Guest: Scott engdahl

Scott Engdahl is an actor and improviser from Portland Oregon. He has preformed at the Stumptown Improv Festival, the Seattle International Festival, and appeared in episodes of Portlandia.



Elliot Matson is an copywriter / art director / illustrator / animator currently living in Portland, OR. He's also one half of the comedy juggernaut that is These Parts. See his other work at elliotmatson.com and @ekennethm on Instagram.