Rand's 14th all-time favorite town is home to the first widely broadcast radio program. Now, the Colorado town of Blumenthall is a breeding ground of podcast production. Rand’s old radio show based on his journal, The Windings & Findings of the Great Rand McNally, aired weekly in all 18 states. Talking with Vince and Elliot McNally this week is local podcast host Buck Williby (Eric Simons).

Guest: Eric Simons

Eric is a writer, improvisor, teacher, and producer from the Land of 10,000 Lakes. A proud pupil of Minneapolis’ Brave New Workshop (the United States’ oldest satirical theater) and HUGE Theater, Eric has been honing his brand of nonsensical tomfoolery since 2009. A relative newbie to the Portland improv scene, you can find him performing with the group Broke Gravy and as a member of the Curious Comedy Theater.