In the mid-season finale, Vince and Elliot McNally travel to Rand's 11th favorite town, Bradley, MA. Established by board game inventor and investor Milton Bradley, some of the most famous and infamous games were created right here with the help of his long-time friend and one-time partner Rand McNally. Rand left the town after a huge relationship-ending argument and never returned—but the memories continued to hold a special place in his heart. The town still functions as a gaming mecca today, and talking to the brothers is Milton Bradley's great-great-grandson and current company head Darren Bradley Jr. (Jack Van Thomme).



Jack Van Thomme is a regular guy, doing regular things in Madison, WI, okay? When he's not doing the greatest Canadian voice you've literally ever heard, he's illustrating a series of comic books with his writing partner. He's also a semi-regular on the Hockey Wilderness and their Podcast, where writes biweekly stories about the NHL and NCAA. 

His face looks like this.