The McNally brothers visit their great-great-grandfather's 7th all-time favorite town. Kaner, WI, is where Rand holed himself up for a year to write the Great American Novel. Although he never finished, Kaner is now home to authors, wordsmiths and novelists of all kinds attempting to craft their prose. Chatting with Elliot and Vince is accomplished author Darin Buttercutt (Bill McKinley).


Bill McKinley is a comedy writer and performer based in Portland, OR. He improvises at Curious Comedy Theater and Funhouse Lounge. He performs as a solo act as Majestic Whistlepig and as part of a duo with Gazpacho! Gazpacho!, with whom he has toured across the western U.S. and Canada. He studied improvisation at the Second City Theater in Cleveland. Follow him on twitter at @majwhistlepig where he occasionally makes jokes, and online at