The McNally brothers break into Rand's Top 5 with their visit to Phox, SC. Phox was the setting of the Spanish-American War's last shots fired in the Spanish-American war. Unfortunately, yellow journalism ran so rampant in the town that, in an effort to sell more newspapers, word of the peace treaty never made it to print. Rand oversaw the peace negotiations via transatlantic telephone in the 20th century, but passions still run deep. Vince and Elliot talk with great-great-grandson of our 26th president, and modern-day Rough Rider, Thumbert Roosevelt (Michael Ribbens).

Guest: Michael ribbens


Michael Ribbens lives in Chicago, Illinois where he does improv at the iO Theater and on a team called Pappy.  He made a YouTube series called Mikey, No! He also does funny rap songs under the name Scoochie Boochie. Allergies include trees, grass, and penicillin.