Elliot and Vince McNally check out Rand's 4th all-time favorite town in this episode. San Guajandro, NM, served as the sleepy southwest stage for Rand’s late-in-life religious reawakening. Now it's home to the Born-Again-Born-Again Movement, a group that has realized that “Born-Again” Christians take things a bit too far. Chatting with Vince and Elliot is local Reverend Kev (Jeremy Adler).

Guest: jeremy adler

Jeremy Adler is an improvisor and writer from Chicago, IL. He is an ensemble member at Under the Gun Theater, where he performs on their Deconstruction team, Happy Tragedy. He also writes and performs with the two man group, Sheeple Person and produces Chicago's only Harry Potter drinking show, The House Cup. In January of 2016, someone stole Jeremy's bike; if you have seen a green Trek Navigator 200 with black fenders and Panaracer tires, please contact Jeremy immediately.