Vince and Elliot McNally head to the bayou to check out Loufficeatte, LA. Rand's 2nd all-time favorite town was capitol of the short-lived sovereign country Randada. Rand purchased the land from French con-woman Lucille Loufficeatte in a deal called the Lousiana Hornswaggle. To this day, the town holds onto many of its once-was cartographical bylaws. Chatting with the boys about all that and more is XXXXX (Janelle Blasdel).

Guest: Janelle blasdel

Janelle Blasdel - extra-2.jpg

Janelle is a writer and improviser in Chicago where she is an ensemble member at Under The Gun Theater, performing there and around the city. Before moving to Chicago, she trained at the Brave New Workshop Student Union and HUGE Theater in Minneapolis, MN, performing with groups like HorsefaceShortcakesSurvivors of the Undead Plague and the Harold and Close Quarters teams. By day, she writes for an advertising agency. She also sends satire pieces to McSweeney’s Internet Tendency that sometimes don’t get rejected. Every now and then she adds terrible photoshopped Mona Lisas here: Classic Mona Lisa. She grew up in Columbus, IN, and has one word to say about that: ATHENSOFTHEPRAIRIE.