Vince and Elliot McNally go for gold in Olympia, MS. It's home to the most Olympic athletes of un-televised Olympic sports. Discussing all that and more with the brothers is veteran Olympian and current town treasurer, Chance Livingston (Joe Rapp).

Guest: Joe Rapp

Joe lives and works in Minneapolis. He’s an actor/improvisor that performs with many groups, but most notably with, Bearded Men Improv, which he helped found in 2006. They perform every Friday at HUGE Theater at 10:30. He’s also the host of a new staged late night-style talk show, LATE NIGHTS MINNEAPOLIS with Joe Rapp – jokes, monologues, sketch comedy, guest interviews – a little something for everyone.  Unfortunately, Joe also does more boring stuff like work a regular day job and freelance graphic design. Many consider him to be “as attractive as the day is long,” but it’s more like an hour.