Vince and Elliot McNally are where else, but Here this week. Here, DE is a town founded by a comedian's attempt to capitalize on the obvious joke. Chatting with the boys is that very same comedian, and mayor of Here, Willard Stout (Jake Michels).

Guest: Jake michels

Jake Michels is an improvisor, director, and teacher from Portland, Oregon. With over 15 years of improv experience, he has taught and performed at a variety of locations in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to improvising regularly on Portland stages (Curious Comedy, Kickstand), he performs in comedy festivals with his teams Whiskey Tango, Fit To Print, and J-Names. Such festivals include The Del Close Marathon, Seattle Festival of Improv, Stumptown Improv Festival, Out of Bounds, SFSketchfest, and the Vancouver International Improv Festival.