Vince and Elliot are back state-side and restarting their journey in Kewlzville, KY. It's a town run by kids who fulfilled their dream of running away from home, and the brothers sit down with their ring leader, the endlessly cool and way awesome kid known only as Scorpion (Dan Jacquette).

Guest: DAn JACquette

Dan Jaquette is an improvisor and podcaster in Minneapolis. He performs regularly at HUGE Theater and ComedySportz TC. He co-hosts Totes Recall, a podcast about movies we can't quite remember. He'll be performing with his wife in the Twin Cities Improv Festival in the group We Know Each Other on Thursday, 6/23 at 7pm. He has two cats, a wiener dog, a son and a beard.

Totes Recall:, @totesrecallpod


Twitter: @danhappyfuntime