Vince and Elliot McNally head to Mauvestone, WY this week, home to some of nature's least impressive wonders. With the boys to discuss all that and more is head park ranger, Rodd Jodd (Dan Linden).

Guest: Dan Linden

Dan Linden is a writer, improviser, and podcaster from Minneapolis, Minnesota. He can often be seen performing at HUGE Improv Theater, where he will be debuting ELECTION, an improvised presidential election he is co-directing with Bradley Machov, in the fall of 2016. He can be heard at your leisure on the podcasts Totes Recall with Beth K. Gibbs, Dan Jaquette, and Molly Chase; as well as on How Could This Show Be Bad? featuring Dan's brother Mike and their annoying friend Steven Montenegro.

Totes Recall:

How Could This Show Be Bad?: