Listen up chowderheads, 'cuz this week Vince and Elliot McNally head to Shemp, ID. It's a living shrine to the first third stooge where slapstick overwhelms day-to-day living. Chewing the rug with the boys is die-hard Stooge fan on a pilgrimage to town, Theodore Healy (Bill McKinley).


Bill McKinley is a comedy writer and performer based in Portland, OR. He improvises at Curious Comedy Theater and Funhouse Lounge. He performs as a solo act as Majestic Whistlepig and as part of a duo with Gazpacho! Gazpacho!, with whom he has toured across the western U.S. and Canada. He studied improvisation at the Second City Theater in Cleveland. Follow him on twitter at @majwhistlepig where he occasionally makes jokes, and online at