Elliot and Vince McNally head up to Lanford, VT. Lanford is home to the 1997 middle school science education film, Mulch: Where Does it Come From?, and its 2007 follow-up "Where Are They Now?" documentary feature. Joining the brothers are members of the original film's cast and crew, Dunt Crafford (Maria Bartholdi) and Emmett Masters (Lupe Muraszewski).

Guest: Maria Bartholdi

Maria Bartholdi is an actor and improviser living in Minneapolis, MN. She performs with ComedySportz Twin Cities as well as at HUGE Theater. Some of her favorite shows have been performing with Star Trek: The Next Improvisation, Manners and Misconduct: An Improvised Jane Austen, and Second Wave Feminist Nightmare Enclave. When not performing, Maria works in documentary television winning Emmys® like it's her job (it is), hosts a Magic: the Gathering podcast, and speaks Welsh. 

Check out her Magic podcast here: www.magictheamateuring.com 


Guest: Lupe Muraszewski

Hey girls and birls, this is Lupe. I had a blast being a part of the show this week. Be sure to listen! Elliot, Vince and I made hot hoots and had good goofs. I work at ComedySportz Twin Cities, I'm a janitor, a musician, and a filmmaker. And, of course, lest I forget, which I won't cause I'm about to do it, ok, doing it. Go Pack.