Live from Randcon 2016, Elliot and Vince McNally play host to a host of guests at the event in Rudyard's Hill, GA. The town is the "it" place for some of the country's leading conventions, and is always the home to RandCon. First, the boys talk to Security Officer Cameron Saskanilla (Lupe Muraszewski) about convention safety and proprietor of the "Wipe Booth", Junk (Maria Bartholdi), about her involvement at RandCon. Next, Vince and Elliot field a few questions from the devoted hoards of fans. Following the Q&A, the brothers stop by the concessions stands to hear from food purveyors like Alan Veiss (Lupe Muraszewski), the "Road Food" Lady (Maria Bartholdi) and our old pals Dunt and Emmett (Maria Bartholdi and Lupe Muraszewski). The boys head out into the convention center for 5 Didja Know facts from attendees before wrapping it all up in a nice farewell and another RandCon in the record books.

Guest: Maria Bartholdi

Maria Bartholdi is an actor and improviser living in Minneapolis, MN. She performs with ComedySportz Twin Cities as well as at HUGE Theater. Some of her favorite shows have been performing with Star Trek: The Next Improvisation, Manners and Misconduct: An Improvised Jane Austen, and Second Wave Feminist Nightmare Enclave. When not performing, Maria works in documentary television winning Emmys® like it's her job (it is), hosts a Magic: the Gathering podcast, and speaks Welsh. 

Check out her Magic podcast here: 


Guest: Lupe Muraszewski

Hey girls and birls, this is Lupe. I had a blast being a part of the show this week. Be sure to listen! Elliot, Vince and I made hot hoots and had good goofs. I work at ComedySportz Twin Cities, I'm a janitor, a musician, and a filmmaker. And, of course, lest I forget, which I won't cause I'm about to do it, ok, doing it. Go Pack.