Elliot and Vince McNally drive in to Quinley, NV, a town originally established as an RV park. Its citizens over the years have built increasingly elaborate RVs which they both live in and operate out of, but never leave. Chatting with the boys are partners in life and business, Mr. and Mrs. Kimye and Quinn RV (Alex Collyard and Kelsey Buckley, respectively).

Guest: Alex collyard

Alex Collyard is a comedian from Minneapolis currently based out of Chicago. Alex is currently an ensemble member at pH Theater in Chicago and can be heard as the voice of Dare-Ill on the Dungeons & Dragons podcast The Dungeon Rats. He has been studying and performing comedy for 4 years, specializing in improv, solo character work, and solo crying in his bed work.



Kelsey Buckley.jpg

Kelsey Buckley is an improviser in Chicago where she is an ensemble member at The pH Comedy Theater. She has been improvising for 6 years and her special skills include convincing people she knows what she's talking about and her killer Joan Cusack impression.