Vince and Elliot McNally are reunited after a couple weeks apart in Lookyhere, SD. The town has the most and farthest reaching bill boards for various town spectacles leading to it than any town in the United States—billboards for the town are planted as far away as Maine. Talking with the travelers is town resident, and proprietor of the World's Largest Supply of Fossilized Rat Tails, Helvetica Tanner (Jocelyn Brady).


Jocelyn spent way too much time playing make believe in the boonies as a child, wooing the friendship of feral wildlife. She's since learned to interact with other humans, using her obsession with neurolinguistics to figure out how words and story affect the way we see the world. Her days are now spent running her brand voice and language consultancy, Scribe, leading production on Curious Ear, an empathy-building project (, and co-hosting standup and storytelling show Party Time with Emily Hemson. You might still catch her having conversations with animals and inanimate objects. For science, and for fun.