Elliot and Vince McNally head to Wagon Wheel, KS in this week's show. The town claims origin to all wagon-related history, including Rosebud. Chatting with the travelers is wagon historian Arnold McRib (Jeremy Sender).

Guest: Jeremy Sender

Jeremy Sender is a filmmaker and improviser from Chicago, IL. He performs on the Harold team First Kiss at the iO Theater, the Deconstruction team Happy Tragedy at the Under The Gun Theater, and the does-many-forms team Feline Fighter Pilot at the Chicago Improv Den. He also writes and directs videos for the iO Comedy Network with his sketch duo, Todd's Friend Todd. Before moving to Chicago, he performed Harolds at the UCB Theater in Los Angeles with the team Shadowfax. For a real job, he directs video content with ADPT Productions. For a fake job, he buys things from Target, lightly uses them, and then returns them.