The McNally Brothers are in Kenzy's Gulch, TN in this week's show. The town is determined to be the birthplace of just one famous person—literally any famous person. It just hasn't happened yet. Talking with Elliot and Vince is the town's talent scout, Judith Marie Kallabach (Kristen Rau).

Guest: Kristen Rau

Kristen is an ensemble member of Under The Gun Theatre where she performs in Winter Stories and Love Stories. Recently, she began an open run of McRau, an improv duo with Artistic Director Antoine McKay at The McKaw Theatre in Chicago. Kristen volunteer teaches drama and creative writing in Chicago public schools with Barrel Of Monkeys. Additionally, she participates in the community/outreach program Funny Bones Improv, for young inpatient audiences in Chicago area hospitals. Her two decade academic background includes a BFA from Southern Oregon University, and extensive instruction at The Upright Citizens Brigade, iO, The Annoyance Theater and Unexpected Productions at The Market Theater in Seattle. She has performed her solo show “Aren’t We There Yet?” for the past two years at the Chicago Women’s Funny Festival and this June, you will catch her alongside Sara Mobley of “Improvised Jane Austen” in their dup group “Matchstick”. She currently makes her home in Edgewater, the heart of Chicago's Laundromat and Payday Loan District.