Elliot and Vince McNally are in the heart of America and its street art scene in this week's show. Windsom, NE boasts a large population of Banksy-esque graffiti artists looking to make a statement and gain notoriety. However, the town has a lush arts community and are thus unoffended by the painters. Talking with the brothers about all that and more is a local graffiti artist known to the town as Cha Cha (Michael Erickson).

Guest: Michael Erickson

Originally from Elmira, NY, Michael currently lives in Chicago where he's been a performer and writer for over three years now. Michael performs regularly as an ensemble member at pH Productions, Under The Gun Theater, and with his improv team Socrates Soccer Tees at the Comedy Clubhouse. He also writes and performs with his independent sketch group, TBD. Michael has trained with various Chicago training centers, including iO Chicago, the Conservatory Program at Second City, and the Apprenticeship Program at the Under The Gun Theater. In his spare time he loves listening to podcasts about Disney World, crying during musical theater performances, and cheering on the New York Yankees and (unfortunately) the Buffalo Bills.