The McNally boys head over to Brumsky, AR on this week's episode. The entire town of Brumsky is an Amazon warehouse wherein its citizens are employed as "pickers"—talking with Elliot and Vince is one of them: Mark Charlesworth (Jed Arkley).

Guest: Jed Arkley

Jed Arkley is a co-founder and producer of The Stumptown Improv Festival in Portland, OR. His improv career includes performing and producing shows in Providence, RI, Seattle, and Portland. Jed is a member of improv groups Whiskey Tango and J Names, who regularly perform and headline at festivals around the country (SF Sketchfest, Out of Bounds-Austin, Del Close Marathon-NYC, Vancouver International Improv Festival). He’s also onstage quite often with Bad Reputation Productions (‘Wade Garrett’ in Road House: The Play!, ‘Rudolph’ in Rudolph: On Stage!). And he’s been on numerous commercials looking sketchy and/or spokesperson-y. Head over to for any additional Jed Arkley needs.