As Vince and Elliot prep for their 100th episode, a couple of their distant relatives fill in to host. One is their far-removed and illegitimate British cousin Ash Picklicker (Lupe Murazsewski), and the other is a cyborg with the D.N.A. of Rand McNally's bastard child Tube McNally called Robot Trying to Understand Humanity Through the Lens of People, or simply, Ro.T.U.H.T.L.o.P. (Maria Bartholdi). Ash and Ro.T.U.H.T.L.o.P. are in Abra, NM. This Land of Enchantment town is home to the most practicing doctors of alternative medicine—including, but not limited to, enchantment. Talking with Ash and Ro.T.U.H.T.L.o.P. is faith healer Ben Whiskin (Vince Koci) and bayou witch doctor Voodoo Daddy (Elliot Matson).

Guest: Maria Bartholdi

Maria Bartholdi is an actor and improviser living in Minneapolis, MN. She performs with ComedySportz Twin Cities as well as at HUGE Theater. Some of her favorite shows have been performing with Star Trek: The Next Improvisation, Manners and Misconduct: An Improvised Jane Austen, and Second Wave Feminist Nightmare Enclave. When not performing, Maria works in documentary television winning Emmys® like it's her job (it is), hosts a Magic: the Gathering podcast, and speaks Welsh. 

Check out her Magic podcast here: 


Guest: Lupe Muraszewski

Hey girls and birls, this is Lupe. I had a blast being a part of the show this week. Be sure to listen! Elliot, Vince and I made hot hoots and had good goofs. I work at ComedySportz Twin Cities, I'm a janitor, a musician, and a filmmaker. And, of course, lest I forget, which I won't cause I'm about to do it, ok, doing it. Go Pack.


Vince Koci is a writer / drinker currently living and working in Minneapolis, MN. He's one half of the comedy juggernaut that is These Parts, and also one half of the 10,000 Hours podcast.


Guest: Elliot Matson

Elliot Matson is an copywriter / art director / illustrator / animator currently living in Portland, OR. He's also one half of the comedy juggernaut that is These Parts. See his other work at and @ekennethm on Instagram.